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Mazda 3 2020 Side Mirror Auto Fold Motor Kit

Sale price ₱14,000.00 Regular price ₱20,000.00

  • Upgrade for models without side mirror power folding features
  • Plug and play. No cutting or splicing or wires
  • Can control using the window switch button
  • Lock the car, side mirror will fold. Unlock the car, side mirror will unfold


Package includes:

  • 1 pc Left Folding Motor
  • 1 pc Right Folding Motor
  • 1 set wiring harness
  • 1 pc control module box

Installation Guide:

  • Remove the door cover
  • Unscrew the side mirror assembly
  • Remove the screw and put the motor inside the side mirror
  • Mount and stick the control black module in the driver door side
  • Connect the harness with big white plug to the OEM plug of window switches and to the module
  • Short black harness connection from driver's motor to the module
  • Long black harness connection from module (driver's side) all the way to the other side passenger motor. Run and hide the wire below the steering wheel and glove box.
  • Make sure all plugs are connected before testing

Installation Video (Open in Safari or Mobile Phone)