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Mazda Skyactiv Remote Start Kit

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  • This kit is only applicable to old style Skyactiv Key (Oblong Shaped Key)
  • Powered by 4G/LTE Technology
  • Plug and play installation
  • NO Separate Key, NO Programming, NO Limited Range!
  • With security settings Anti theft
  • GPS Tracking real time location with GPS log
  • Unlock/Lock/Start Engine/Off Engine your car WORLDWIDE!
  • Mobile APP is available for iOS and Android with built in Voltmeter, Speedometer, Cabin Temperature, Car Status, GPS Map and other several useful functions!
  • Not compatible to Mazda 3 2020 / CX30 / MX30

  • Open your key and check if your key is MZD01 or MZD02. Usually MZD01 are for old model while MZD02 are for newer models.
  • Please also check your key if the 5 dots are present in the right location (Red Arrow). If not sure, contact us in FB or IG

MZD01 (One side is curve)

MZD02 (All sides are flat)


  • Take note that one of your spare keys is needed to be loaded and installed inside the Remote Start Kit.
  • Just put the other key inside your bag and let your smartphone control your car.
  • You need to purchase a 4G SIM card. It will be inserted to the kit as well. This will make your mobile phone communicates with the kit and accept command.
  • The kit is dependent on the signal of the telecom provider. So choose which one has a better signal reception in your area.
  • The kit will be installed below the steering wheel. Very easy to install and it will take around 30mins.


Q: I remotely started my car while in my office? Is the door will get unlock?

A: No, all the doors are still locked. To open the door you need to press the unlock button in the app. Key won't work as well (Safety feature)

Q: I am traveling to Japan and my car is in Canada, can i still remote start my car while i am in Japan?

A: Yes, you can start, stop, unlock/lock door while outside the country. It has an auto-off engine feature. 

Q: Can i monitor my vehicle location in real time?

A: Yes, it has a built in GPS tracker and Map that you can see where your car is located.

Q: Can i see my the status of my car?

A: Yes, the car logo in the App will change, for example if the engine is running, the car has a glowing aura. If the front driver door is open, it will also display in the app.

If you still have questions, contact us in FB or IG.