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Honda Rear AC Panel USB Kit

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  • Enable the USB port in the rear AC Panel
  • Fast Charging 2 USB Ports
  • Available in USB-A and USB-C model
  • Original Honda Parts
  • Plug and play
  • Direct replacement
  • Compatible to both models with or without Rear AC vents.
  • For Accord, Civic 11th gen, CRV 23 and HRV 22-23


-USB-A will be connected behind the Front cigarette socket using the T-harness wire in all Honda models!

-USB-C will be either connected to the ready made power plug or above the fuse box area.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to buy the TYPE-C, please check if you have existing plug. If none please purchase the wiring harness

Note: If you select USB-A you will connect the wire T-harness in the plug behind the cigarette socket.

  • Before Installation - Civic 22-23
  • After Installation - Civic 22-23

  • Also compatible to Civic without Rear AC Vent
  • Package includes a USB Port Module + T-harness wire for Civic (USB-A) while USB Port module only for CRV/HRV (Wire is already present, if none please purchase our Wiring harness)
  • If your plug is like below, do not buy the Type-C harness.
  • Please check your existing plug shape if like below (Round shape). If yes, then you need to purchase our Type-C wiring harness as that plug wont fit.
  • Buy also the USB-C Harness, if you are going to buy the USB-C port and your ready plug is like below.
  • No Need to buy USB-C Harness if you will buy USB-A port.

  • Our USB TYPE-C Wiring harness will be plugged above the cabin fuse box area.

  • If there still no power, please add 10A fuse in this slot

  • Sample USB-A Kit (Will be plugged in the cigarette socket). Fit to Accord, Civic, CRV, HRV.