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NFC Car Keyless Entry Kit

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  • Compatible to most car brands with lock and unlock button in the key fob
  • An alternative way to lock and unlock your car.
  • Using NFC technology to wirelessly send the command.

  • Your spare key chipset will be loaded inside the box controller. Wires need to be soldered in the button. See below:
  • NFC Reader will be mounted in the windshield. Tap the reader using the NFC card then it will send the lock/unlock command immediately.
  • 2 NFC Cards are included in the kit. The round model can be pasted behind your mobile phone or another accessories. The other one can be put in your wallet.
  • If your smartphone has NFC Receiver, you can copy the NFC card data and use your phone instead to tap to the reader to send the lock/unlock command.
  • Package inclusion (2 Controller Box, 1 NFC Reader, 2 NFC card)