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Mazda Skyactiv BOSE Speaker

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  • Parts available, Center, Tweeter and Door Speakers
  • This is only fit for Mazda 2, Mazda 3 14-19 BM BN, CX5 12-17 KE and Mazda 6.
  • Greatly improve your listening experience 
  • Non-BOSE models does not have a centerpoint speaker. Installing a BOSE Centerpoint will greatly improved the overall experience guaranteed!
  • 3D Surround effect vs stock speakers which all sounds are mostly coming from the front door speakers.
  • Stock tweeters are flat and barely no sounds are coming out. BOSE tweeter will give its perfect function.


For Tweeter - If your car has no Factory BOSE, you can choose V1 or V2. If you car has Factory BOSE, choose V2 only! The V1 tweeter only produces low pitch sound while V2 has low to mid range sounds. 

For Mazda 3 with Factory Door BOSE - you can purchase the 9" front door speaker if yours is already defective and rattling so bad.


  • BOSE original speakers
  • Plug and play only
  • Wiring harness is included if your Infotainment is Touch screen model, if not please add the wiring harness for non-touch screen models (Small screen with button).
  • 7 Bose-speaker system if complete setup
  • Mazda 2 15-22, CX3, Mazda 3 14-19 BM BN, CX5 12-16 KE, Mazda 6 12-17.
  • Do not purchase here for Mazda 3 2020+, CX30, CX5 CX8 and CX9. Search it in our website.

Installation Guide: (Very Easy)

  1. Center Speaker - Use the T-harness included in the package and connect it to the right or left side tweeter. White plug goes to the center.
  2. Tweeter - Remove the old tweeter and just plug it directly.
  3. Door Speaker - Remove the old speaker and just plug it directly.


  • BOSE Centerpoint + BOSE Tweeter with T-harness and tools

  • Centerpoint for Mazda 3 14-19 BM BN
  • CX5 13-16 Centerpoint
  • BOSE Tweeter  (Compatible to Mazda 3 6 CX5)
  • BOSE Tweeter for CX3 / Mazda 2
  • BOSE Door Speakers (6.5") 4pcs - Mazda 3 6 CX5
  • BOSE Door Speakers (6.5") 4pcs - Mazda 2 / CX3