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Advanced Remote Start Stop Engine Kit

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  • Enable Remote start / stop engine feature in your car
  • Added convenience in your car usage
  • Enter your car already pre-cooled or pre-warmed.
  • Plug and Play installation
  • All doors are still locked once started remotely (Safety feature)
  • Up to 100 meter range
  • With beeping sound, confirming the door lock/ unlock and remote start action while pressing key fob)

Advance keyless feature

  • Door will automatically unlock once the key is detected near the car.
  • Door will automatically lock once you turn off and walk away from the car.

Honda Remote Start Kit - Wiring Diagram 

Description of all Parts

  • Main Control Box - Connect all the sub components parts here. Hide near the fuse box area.
  • Horn Trigger - Pink wire will be connected below the steering wheel plug. Remove the black cover first and in the bottom part you will see a white plug. This will trigger the horn to honk whenever you lock, unlock, remote start the car. This is important as this will serve as a confirmation that the command has been received by the controller.
  • Brake Pedal Splitter - Will be connected above in the brake pedal located above. Unplug the original brake cable and insert our Y-splitter wire.
  • New Spare 4 Button Key - The product kit includes 2pcs new spare key with dedicated Remote Start/Stop Button. The same key model used by a high spec Honda with factory remote start kit installed. Your old key will still work however there is no button for remote start so you need to bring this new key moving forward to enjoy the newly added feature.
  • New Spare Key Antenna - These 2 antenna will be mounted  in the front and rear windshield. They will receive the signal from the new spare that sends, lock, unlock, remote start/stop and rear trunk open command.
  • Signal Booster - Paste below the steering wheel - Increase the signal reception inside the car
  • CAN L/H - For Honda, the CAN plug is above the fuse box area. This plug detects the car’s status as this is connected to the Control Area Network (CAN) of the car.
  • Original Key Control Box - This is where you going to store the soldered original key. This must be hidden as much as possible near the car’s original key antenna to avoid failed start/stop attempt. For Civic 22-23, there is one black key antenna inside the center console below the Shift Knob.
  • Bluetooth - Enable bluetooth connection using the APP. This feature is not applicable in this kit.
  • Push Start Button Splitter - This wire will be connected behind the push start button. Unplug the original wire and connect our splitter.
  • Extra Wires - If you need connect or extend something. As for Civic 22-23, this was not used.


    Most of the wires are plug and play. Connect and route all the wires in their designated spot inside the car. Once everything are connected, last step is to let the main controller enter the “pairing mode”. To do this, get the main control box and find the tiny hole like reset button in the outer casing. Press and hold until you hear the beep sound (Control box is now in awaiting status).

    Get the spare key no 1 and press lock (You will hear the main control beeps which means it was paired successfully, then get other spare key no 2 and press lock ( You will hear again the main controller beeps which means the 2nd key was paired successfully. Close all the doors and test all the buttons.


    New Spare Key Function (4 Button - Honda) :

    • Lock button - Will lock all the doors
    • Unlock button - will unlock all the doors
    • Start/Stop Button - Press and Hold until you hear 3 beeps - the engine will start remotely.Press and hold again - the engine will turn off remotely.
    • Rear Trunk - Press twice quickly to open the trunk (Do not hold and press)


    New Spare Key Function (3 Button - Mazda) :

    • Lock button - Will lock all the doors
    • Unlock button - will unlock all the doors
    • Trunk Button - Press and Hold until you hear 3 beeps - the engine will start remotely.Press and hold again - the engine will turn off remotely.   Press twice quickly to open the trunk.