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Mazda Customized Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

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  • Direct replacement.
  • Better grip.
  • Real Carbon fiber + Perforated Leather by default
  • Center Red Line and Red Stitches by default
  • Bottom flat or Double Flat shape.
  • Steering control button and airbag will be transferred.
  • Will not void car's warranty.
  • If customized design, please write the specs in the cart note section area
  • Cruise control button sold separately for lower models.
  • Can customized material, color and shape. Just put a note in the cart section area.
  • If your original steering wheel has heating function and you want to retain it in the New customized steering wheel then you need to purchase the Heating Module Addon. If not added, your heating function will not be functional anymore. If you are not using it, you can disregard to save some money
  • If you purchase a Heating function add-on. Please test the steering wheel before you install it in your car to confirm if it heats up. 

Shape: Bottom Flat (Only Bottom is Flat) or Double Flat
Center Line: Yes or No (What color?)
Thread Stitches Color: Primary to Secondary Color only
Top and Bottom Material: Carbon Fiber, Forged Carbon, Leather, Alcantara Suede
Sides Material and color: Perforated Leather or Alcantara Suede

Note: If your car has heated function, select the Heated variant (more expensive) because the frame is different. Also take note that heated function will be gone once you change your steering wheel.  


Also fit to other models like Mazda 2, Mazda 6, CX3, CX5, CX8, CX9

  • Do not purchase "Optional" variants alone! Add a steering wheel so we can put the "optional" variant you chose to the steering wheel.
  • Old Steering (Double Flat)
  • Airbag and Steering control buttons are not included


  •  New Steering (Double Flat)


  •  New Steering (Double Flat)


  • Stock vs CF steering wheel

  • MX5

  • CX5 2020
  • CX3

  • Also available in full leather 
  • Full Leather - Premium Design (More Expensive)
  • Leather color and stitches can be changed

  • Alcantara Suede vs Forged Carbon Fiber 

  • Jet Fighter Inspired - Contact us first


  • Mazda 6 Old Steering Wheel (Inner Frame is different thats why more expensive than normal steering wheel)

  • Mazda 6 / CX9 New Steering Wheel (Inner Frame is different thats why more expensive than normal steering wheel)
  • RPM LED Wiring + Heating Wire