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Civic 22-24 Aftermarket Full LED Smart Headlight V2

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  • For Honda Civic 22-24
  • Compatible to both Halogen and Signature LED Stock Headlight
  • Lighting output is better than stock. Guaranteed!
  • 7 Mini Projector 
  • Sequential Turn Signal
  • With Smart Corner Assist Lamp
  • Start up animation - Blue DRL slowly fading to White DRL

  • With Starting Light Animation
  • OEM Fit
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Package includes 2pcs lamp and wiring harness


  • Signature LED Headlight vs Aftermarket V2 Headlight


Reasons to upgrade from LED Headlight:

  • Sharper Light Cut-off
  • More lumens and brighter than stock
  • Longer beam range than stock
  • More foreground illumination
  • With Smart Corner Assist Lamp
  • Sequential Turn Signal
  • Wider Beam Pattern
  • More stylish
  • Projector Halogen Headlight vs Aftermarket V2 Headlight

Reasons to upgrade from HALOGEN Headlight:

  • This is no brainer as the lighting output is worse than the Signature LED Headlight. 

  • LED Low Beam, LED High Beam, LED DRL and Sequential Turn Signal
  • V2 vs Stock Headlight
  • With Smart Corner Assist Lamp
  • If your original headlight is Full LED, make sure to install the wiring harness in correct orientation. The module controller has L and R label.
  • DISCONNECT the battery first before installation to avoid electrical problem!