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Honda Auto Rain Sensing Kit

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  • Original Parts from Honda
  • Add Auto Rain/Snow Sensing functionality to your Civic, Accord, CRV 23 and HRV
  • Added convenience to your car driving experience
  • Wiping speed will adjust automatically, it depends on the rain accumulation in the sensor.


  • You can install the rain sensing kit and use your original stalk switch. The INT label in your original switch will act as AUTO. 
  • Write you car year model in the note section. 
  • Hatchback AUTO Stalk switch is more expensive. For Honda model with Rear Wiper select this variant. 

Is it compatible to my car?

  • Check your front lighting sensor plug if it has more than 2 wires in the plug. To check, remove the center speaker cover and check the plug under .
  • If only 2 wires, is it not compatible. If more than 2, you can purchase. Contact us if you are still unsure and we will check for you. 



  • You can still use your original stalk switch with INT label if you want to save some money. The INT label in your original switch will act as AUTO in the system. It is just a text label difference.
  • Easy method installation. The rain sensor is mounted beside the black cover
  • Hard method installation. The rain sensor is mounted in the Original spot. The windshield must not be laminated or has no tint in that part so the black part can be erased.
  • This method is not applicable if your windshield is double laminated as the black part is inside the windshield and cannot be erased. 
  • Automatically turns on your front wiper when the sensor detects accumulation of water droplets in the windshield. Speed will also automatically adjust.
  • Sensor will be mounted behind the rear view mirror wherein a slot is already created for it. 
  • Wiring harness is included.

Package Inclusion:

  • 1pc Wiring harness
  • 1pc Rain Sensor module with bracket
  • 1pc Light Sensor upgrade
  • 1 bottle liquid windshield black remover

Installation Guide:

  • There are 2 ways to mount the sensor, the easiest way is to mount the sensor beside the rear view mirror where there is no black area in the windshield. Paste it directly and route the wire from headliner, A-Pillar and Dashboard.
  • Second method, need an extra effort. Mount it in the original OEM location. You need to erase the black paint in the windshield using the liquid remover. Make a circle pattern so the black cutoff is circle as well when you erasing it. Do not remove all the black paint. Careful not to drop liquid. It is a strong chemical. Use cotton buds and scrub it.
  • The wire pin will be inserted in the module below the glove box and and another one near the OBD2. Contact us for more info.
  • Whole wiring layout overview