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Honda BOSE Door Speaker and Tweeter

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  • BOSE Speaker upgrade for Honda Accord 11th Gen, Civic 11th Gen, HRV US and CRV 6th Gen
  • Better sound output than Non-BOSE stock speaker
  • Original parts from Honda
  • Front doors has 2 speakers while Rear doors has 4. (2 speaker and 2 tweeter)
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Sound difference is guaranteed.
  • If you want to upgrade your speakers while maintaining OEM setup then this is for you.
  • Front Stock Speaker vs BOSE
  • Rear Stock Speaker vs BOSE
  • Adding Tweeter to the Rear Door 
  • For Honda Civic base model without Honda Tweeter at the rear door.
  • Since the holes are close, you need to drill holes so the sound can come out.
  • For Civic - Fix the tweeter position using a silicon glue. Plug the harness to the rear door speaker using the T-Harness included in the kit.