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Honda Complete Interior Ambient Lighting

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  • Take your interior to the next level!


  • Honda Civic 16-21 - Standard (LED Strip)
  • Complete Kit for Civic 22-24 11th Gen. Sample kit below:
  • Gloss Black Door Trim replacement 4pcs are included. 
  • The kit is also available in 4pcs door black trims only with Built-in LED Strip if you want to retain the OEM look.
  • Up to 64 LED colors, can increase or decrease brightness
  • Can control using an app and a physical button.  
  • We also have other product for other Honda models. (18pcs LED lamps). The kit is below:




  • Can turn off all the lights if you dont want to use 
  • Set to different modes (music, streaming, blinking, etc)
  • Some of the LED lamps can be disconnected without problem if you dont want to enable all of them
  • Plug and play with OEM harness
  • Available in Standard model and with Multicolored (RBG Running Effect multicolored at once)
  • Also available in 4pcs Door trim replacement (Glossy Black) only if you do not want the whole set.


Difference between Standard vs Multicolored Model

Standard Function:

  • 64 Solid Colors only (Change via APP or button)

Flowing Multicolored Function (RGB):

  • 64 Solid Colors
  • RGB Multicolored Running Effect
  • Different Flowing Mode Effect
  • With Music Mode (Built in Mic)

  • Cheap vs High Quality Ambient Lighting Kit

  • Made from high quality LED

  • Honda Civic 22-24

  • Door Line Kit 4pcs Only - Only 4 doors has LED Light
  • Door Line Kit 4pcs Only - 4 Black door trims + Module Controller and harness.
  • CRV 23-24 (LED Strip)

  • CRV 23-24 Complete kit with Door Trim replacement

  • Accord 23-24 11th Gen


  • For US/Canada Models, we will send 2 LED Strip for the dashboard light (See below). Trim with built in LED will not fit.

  • Installation Guide

1. There are 5 total controller module, 1 Main and 4 Sub Modules. They are connected wirelessly so no need to connect them using a physical wire.

2. Install 1 sub module on each door and install the main module near the driver fuse box.

3. Each sub module has 3 slots for Door lining (Replacement trim) LED, Cup storage LED and Door handle LED. All wires are plug and play.

4. You need to drill a hole for cup storage LED and door handle LED if you want to enable them.

5. Install first 1 door at a time. Once all doors are completed, install the 2 LED strip in the dashboard, 1 long and 1 short LED Strip. Connect them to the main controller. You need to take out the whole mesh AC vent to install the Long Strip LED strip.

6. Next is to install the 4 foot lights lamp. Route them according to their cable length. It will be connected to the main controller.

7. The physical button will be mounted near Honda Sensing Button and connect it to the main controller. Button can change the color, mode, brightness. It can also turn off the system.

8. Remaining wire will be connected to the ACC in the fuse box and body ground. Contact us if you need more info.