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Honda Electronic Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

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  • When driving on a highway at night, the mirror can perceive the distracting glare from the rear car headlights (high beam lights) and automatically change the rearview mirror color (silver to blue) to eliminate glare and ensure that vision is not disrupted.
  • Added safety feature for your car
  • Plug and play installation, just connect to ACC fuse.
  • Front and Rear ambient sensor


  • Write your car year model in the note section area


  • Installation Guide (Easy)

1. Remove the cover sensor in the windshield.

2. Twist the bracket to the left to disengage the lock.

3. Transfer the  metal retainer to the new bracket.

4. Mount back the Electronic Mirror

5. Run the wire in the head liner, A - Pillar up to the fuse box

6. Connect to a ACC fuse slot to get power.