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Civic 22-24 OEM Rear Trunk Button Kit

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  • For Civic 11th Gen Sedan Only
  • Original Parts from Honda
  • Easy to install
  • Some model of Civic especially a base model has no button in the rear trunk.

  • It is very annoying and hassle that you still need to go to the driver door or press the key when opening the rear trunk.
  • This kit will solve the problem and provide convenience to the end user.
  • The button is connected to the car's locking system so it cannot be opened if you press the trunk button while the car doors are still locked.
  • The kit includes an OEM trunk button with Plate Lamp and a wiring harness. 

Before Installation (No Button)


After Installation (With Button)

  • Insert the Wire Pin in the middle slot of the plug behind the trunk then wire the other end going to the driver side area. Insert it to the Body control module near the steering wheel. 
  • Body control module (Blue Plug) - This is located above the cabin fuse box area.
  • The Plastic Trim replacement is optional with Camera and Trunk Button slot.
  • If you are NOT going to buy the plastic trim replacement, you can still use the original cover. Use a Dremel tool to cut a slot. The cutoff mark is already visible for your guidance.