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Civic Rear AC Vent Assembly Kit

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  • Rear AC vent for Civic 10th and 11th gen
  • Added comfort to your rear passenger
  • Make your cabin cooldown faster if parked under the sun.
  • Provide additional 2 fast USB charging port for convenience.
  • More premium looking interior with Rear AC vent visible

Note: Standard vs with Tube Splitter - In Standard model to get the air flowing to the rear vent you need to set the air circulation mode to Front + Bottom or Bottom only. While with Tube Splitter, it will automatically supply air to the rear vent regardless of the air circulation mode.


*** Cutting is for 11th Gen CIVIC Only***


  • USA and Canada models need to cut a slot in the armrest storage bin so the tube can run to the rear.


  • Before cutting a hole in the armrest bin, we recommend to modify (trim excess plastic) and test fit the new rear ac panel first until it snaps in perfectly so incase you wish not to continue the installation the armrest storage bin is still remain intact and not modified. Putting a hole will be permanent.


  • Please do not purchase if you do not agree and we will not accept return/refund if you are unable to install the item. We will do our best to help you install it, just contact us in Facebook or Instagram. This kit was already installed many times by others and us but it really needs extra effort.

  • To insert the new panel, engage the lower part first then middle and lastly the top clip.
  • Make sure the top clips are align in the hole before you push them hard so they wont snap and break! Align the top clips using you finger.

WATCH VIDEO HERE: (Once the panel fits good, you can start cutting hole in the armrest storage bin if you wish to continue)



  • Center console must be removed to easily layout the air tube to the rear
  • The Air Tube is OEM fit to the center console and will not make an issue
  • Rear AC Vent Panel 
  • Original Style from Honda has fast charging feature.

  • Before Installation

  • After Installation

  • Air flow can redirect and can close if not going to use

  • With 2 Fast Charging USB Ports

  • Standard Model Package for Civic 22-23

  • With Tube Spitter Model Package for Civic 22-23

Note: Please check and remove your Rear Panel if the slot is present. If none, you need to Dremel a hole so the tube can run from the center up to the rear.

  • No hole

  • Civic with With Ready Hole for Tube Slot (US and Canada Models need to cut a slot)

  • Also available for Civic 16-21 10th Gen