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Rear Wing Auto Lift for Sedan

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  • Rear Wing with Auto Lift / Descent function
  • With Brake LED
  • Carbon fiber (Printed) or Gloss Black Color
  • Can be installed to any models with Sedan Body.
  • 2 types of installation: With drilling or paste type 



  • Press unlock, the rear wing is automatically raised.
  • Press lock, the rear wing is automatically goes down.

Driver Window Lock/Unlock Button:

  • During the driving process, you can control the lift of the tail wing directly through the switch lock button of the main driver's door panel!

  • Mazda 3 2024 Sedan - Carbon Fiber - Drilling

If the vehicle is Parked:  Press: LOCK, UNLOCK, LOCK to lift/decent the wing.
While driving: Press LOCK, UNLOCK to lift/descent the wing.

  • Paste type has this plastic cover to hide the wires going inside the car.