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Honda Side Mirror Auto Folding Kit

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  • For Honda Models without Side Mirror Folding Feature.
  • Available for different Honda models
  • Nice and convenient feature
  • No more manual folding of side mirror by hand.
  • Press key lock button, the side mirror will fold
  • Press key unlock button, the side mirror will unfold
  • Dedicated Folding button will be added in the driver window switch panel
  • Installation is the same technique in all Honda Models


  • Added Civic FL5 variant
  • Added HRV 22-23 variant
  • Added Accord 10-11th Gen  variant - Not compatible with reverse mirror lens tilt



  • To install, you need to detach the side mirror assembly from the door and install the motor inside.
  • Harness is plug and play to the stock wiring harness of the car.
  • OEM Switch button is included so you can manually fold inside the car.

  • With Auto Folding Feature:
  • Press the lock in the key, the side mirror will fold. Press unlock in the key, the side mirror will unfold. 
  • There is added physical switch button inside the car so you can control the folding inside.


  • No Side Mirror Folding Switch
  • After Installation


Side Mirror Auto Folding Kit

  • Left and Right Folding Motor
  • OEM Folding Mirror Switch
  • Control Module Box
  • OEM Harness
  • Screws


Installation Guide (Difficulty Level 6/10)

  • Remove the door cover of both front doors.
  • The screw is hidden behind the window switch. Pry it using plastic tool
  • Unscrew and unmount the side mirror assembly from the door
  • Open the cover and install the folding motor inside
  • All wires are plug and play. Just connect them from Left side mirror up to the right side mirror.
  • Install and replace the new folding switch button in the main switch.
  • Install everything back and test.


  • Hidden screw is behind the main switch. Once unscrewed, detach all the clips all over the door panel and push the door cover upward to finally detach and unhook from the door hook near the door handle opener.

  • If your original Mirror tilting button has silver accent, you can switch them to our plain black button by pulling it upward.

  • To check the compatibility, please check your side mirror bracket if the same as below:


  • IMPORTANT! if the fold and unfold function is inverted. Please invert this wire in the driver and passenger side so the function will be inverted as well. Green to Blue and Blue to Green.

  • Civic 16-21 Sample


  • If the motor is not folding and unfolding, kindly de-pin and transfer the blue and green wire in the slot shown below.

  • CRV 17-21 (5th Gen) - Asian Model only (Not fit in USDM)