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Honda Side Mirror Blue Lens

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Side mirror blue lens replacement for Honda

  • Blue tint
  • Anti glare
  • Ultra wide view than stock
  • Premium look
  • 2pcs Left and Right Lens replacement with bracket
  • To replace, just pull the lens outward till it detach from the side mirror.
  • Added 2023 model with Heating and Blind Spot support
  • If you car has no lens heating function, you can still upgrade. 


  • Silver vs Blue Lens

Original Bracket must be like this: (White Bracket will be transferred from original lens)

  • After Installation
  • If your Original Silver Lens has Blind Spot Lamp. Just disconnect the original plug for and tap the red and black wires below.

  • Official MUGEN Blue Lens Kit (BSM + Heating)  -Fit to FE, FL1, FL5 - Replacement Type

  • Official Spoon (Paste Type) - With double sided tape - FE / FL1