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Honda Side Mirror Reverse Auto Tilting

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  • Mirror Lens Auto Tilt when the Shifter is in Reverse Mode (Passenger Side Only)
  • This will help you see the blindspot area in the bottom area of the road. 
  • Added convenience and safety feature for your car. 
  • No need to adjust the mirror manually when reversing. 

Note: If you want to enable the function in driver side as well, just purchase 2 sets.

  • Normal Mode Mirror Angle vs Auto Tilt in Reverse Mode
  • Mirror Lens tilts down when in Reverse Gear
  • Auto return to normal view when the Shifter is back to Park or Drive Mode


  • For CRV - 5th gen
  • Installation Guide (Easy)

1. Install the bigger black module to the front passenger door and connect the side mirror plug
2. Insert the 2 pins as shown below to the gray plug. Secure with cable tie.
(Red to Green and Black to Black) 
  • Wiring overview (passenger door side)

3. Install the smaller black module to the reverse plug in the trunk.  Secure with cable tie. Red wire for Reverse light positive wire
  • Red to Red (Civic 22-24) and Black to Black. 
  • Red to Green (CRV 23-24) and Black to black.
  • Leave the blue wire unconnected.
4. Return back all the trims and test. Can be installed in driver side as well. Just purchase another set.
  • For Civic with BSI, it uses a different plug so we need to rewire the 3 tilting motor mirror wires. 

  • Wiring diagram for OEM Plug, check the wire position and connect the 3 wires (Green - Yellow - Orange) accordingly.