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Honda Window Auto Lifter and Side Mirror Auto Fold

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  • Easy to install
  • Plug and Play
  • Auto Lift all the Door Window and Sunroof when you press lock.
  • Can also send command to roll down the window (Not compatible to some models)
  • Has Beep sounds when you press your key fob lock and unlock button (Civic 11th)
  • Side Mirror Auto Fold and Unfold when you press your key fob. This function will only work if your car has factory power folding function. If none, buy the folding motor kit here.



  • Send a command to open all the windows using your key (Quick press Unlock-Lock-Unlock button the key fob) for 11th Gen Civic only
  • Plug the module behind driver switch button panel


Added Safety Features: Enabled by default

  • Auto Hazzard Lights flashing for 10 seconds when you open the door.
  • Auto Hazzard Lights flashing when you put the lever to Reverse.

To disable these features please do the following: