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CRV 23-24 Fog Lamp Kit

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  • Fog lamp kit for CRV 23-24 6th Gen
  • Some CRV trim does not have a pre-installed fog lamp from the factory
  • This kit will enable the fog lamp in OEM Style.
  • Plug and play installation will not void car's warranty
  • 3 Colors available, Ultra White, Golden Yellow and Lime Green


  • Lime Green vs Golden Yellow color reference below
  • OEM Fog light wattage is only 8W.
  • We also offer the upgraded version with 35W for better lighting output!


  • Package inclusion:
    • 2pcs L/R Fog cover
    • 2pcs Fog lamp assembly with LED
    • 1 set of wiring harness with dash button.
  • Give more visibility on the road.
  • Improve visibility in foggy, rainy, snowy, or other hazardous conditions.
  • Stalk switch is an optional upgrade

Note: Optional Stalk switch is available incase you want to trigger the fog lamp in the stalk switch. Harness set and button is still needed. We will connect the stalk switch to the button.

Advantage of Adding Stalk-Switch

  • Auto-On and Auto Off (Will follow headlight trigger using lighting sensor)
  • OEM Setup and look
  • Avoid forgetting to turn off the fog lights

Installation Overview

  • Unmount the Front bumper
  • Remove the stock fog cover
  • Mount the fog lamp
  • Run the wire from each fog lamp then going to the battery and then inside the car
  • Replace the dummy cover with functional switch button
  • If you are going to add OEM stalk switch, contact us for more info
  • Radar Sensor Relocator Kit for CRV Hybrid model includes 2pcs radar bracket, 2pcs bracket double sided tape and 1pc radar hole opener.

  • 2 location to relocate the radar sensor, First is the fog cover matte flat area and second is above the fog lamp cover body colored area.