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Customized Airbag Cover for Honda

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  • Customized your airbag cover available in Leather and Suede Material
  • The airbag will still trigger and function well incase it was activated.
  • It will rip the thin material due to immense pressure from the deployment.
  • Logo can be customized to carbon fiber, just tell us the specs you want in the Note Area in Cart Section.  We will send original chrome Honda logo by default.
  • Write you car year and model in the cart section note area
  • Suede, Leather and stitches can be customized as well in different colors.
  • To replace the airbag cover, you need to remove the airbag and just use a flat screw driver to unclip the airbag cover in all sides. It s easy and not that complicated.
  • We also do other car models, just contact us in FB or IG for more info!
  • We also sell OEM Honda Airbag Cover replacement (Honda Logo included)