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CX50 Interior Clear TPU Carbon Matte Film Protection

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  • TPU Clear Film material
  • Avoid the surface from getting scratches
  • Hides the visible scratches
  • Available in Carbon Fiber and Matte Black Film

Before and After TPU Application 

Note: After few days the film will be cured and all surface are completely clear. 

  • Carbon Fiber Sticker
  • Center screen available in TPU Film and Tempered Glass

  • Instrument Cluster - TPU Clear Film

  • Carbon Fiber Sticker - Window Switch Panel

  • Transmission Panel

  • Window Pillar Set (Left/Right Side)

  • Rear Winglet 

  • Door Anti Kick


1. Prepare the spray bottle put water inside with 1 drop of liquid soap. Shake it.

2. Spray the panel surface and clean with microfiber cloth. Make sure no more dirt or any particles left. Close the door and window.

3. Spray again the panel and back of the TPU clear film. Make sure its dripping wet so you can slide it easily.

4. Put the TPU on top of the panel and fit it accordingly.

5. Spray again the top of the film to lubricate and also the squeegee tool. Draw out the trapped water inside to the sides. Scrape the squeegee in sequential pattern and not in random area to avoid trapped air bubble. 


  • When spraying make sure it is dripping wet. Do not just moist the surface. It's like installing a tint in a window.
  • For cluster TPU, put a paper tape on both sides and use it as a handle so you can adjust it easily before scraping. Start with the inner part, up and down going to the right, the go back to the center, up and down scrape going to the left.
  • After installation, it is normal see some white marks or tiny bubbles. They will be gone once the TPU has been cured for 3-5 days.
  • For trapped big bubble, try to pull up the TPU again gently. Spray the surface so it will lubricate.
  • Do not pull up the TPU very fast as the adhesive might get stick on the surface and detach from the TPU
  • Search some Youtube TPU guides if you are still confuse.