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Floating Center Cap Ring with LED for Mazda Skyactiv

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  • Center cap is only fit to Original Mazda Wheels
  • Emitting light are Red, Blue, White and Colorful (Multi-colored)
  • Direct Replacement and OEM Fit
  • It is recommended to remove the wheels to easily remove the center cap or use small flat head screw driver and wrap it with cloth to avoid scratches. 
  • Size is 56mm diameter same as Mazda stock center cap size. 

Note: If you dont want the LED light and just wanted the floating effect. Just cut the wire inside.

Floating Cap vs Stock

  • 56mm is the size
  • Self Powered, no battery needed. 
  • High Strength Waterproof Performance and Dust-proof
  • Put your car model year in the Cart Section Note Area
  • Other brands are also available. Contact us to confirm

Mazda Logo remains on vertical position while moving. This feature is inspired in a Rolls-Royce car wheels.


It is using a coil magnetic induction technology that produces electricity while the wheel is rotating. The LED will glow once it reached enough threshold to light the LED. The glow is not obvious in a daylight but in night time, it is very visible.

Snap On installation Only.

Note: It may fit in an aftermarket wheels as long as your original and aftermarket center cap size are the same.