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Honda Front USB Type-C Conversion Kit

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  • Convert your existing Front USB-A to Type-C Port
  • Faster charging speed than Type-A
  • Most of the devices now are using Type-C
  • Add more convenience to your car
  • Direct replacement
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Original Honda Parts
  • Compatible to Civic 11th Gen and Type-R FL5 with Factory Dual Front USB port. If you only have Single USB port. Check the single to dual port upgrade kit here
  • Compatible to HRV 22-23 Asian/US Model.

NOTE: You may consider to add USB-A 3.0 Extension Cable so the unconnected USB-A that we are going to unplug can still be used. Route the extension wire to the glove box so it gives another USB-A port slot.


  • Honda Civic 2023 - Sample upgrade below.
  • HRV 22-23 Asian Model

  • HRV 22-23 US Model

  • HRV Conversion Kit


  • Wiring Guide - Route the power cable (green line) from USB port panel going to Body control module located above the cabin fuse box. Plug into the socket there (highlighted in yellow) to power up the USB-C port.

  • IMPORTANT- If all wires are properly plugged and still no power. Please put a 10A or 15A fuse in the vacant slot shown below.


  • Civic 22-24 / FL5 Type-R - Fuse

  • HRV Asian Model Fuse Slot