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Honda Pedestrian Hood Pop-up Disabler Kit

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  • Honda introduce this feature in their latest line up. This may not be available in some countries. Check your hood if the lifting motor is present.
  • Hood will automatically pop up if the sensor detects an imminent crash going to happen.
  • This kit will disable that feature and it wont show any fault code in the instrument cluster.
  • Once triggered, the hood bracket will be destroyed and hood assembly needs to be replaced. An expensive repair which will become a headache later on.


  • 2024 model is now using this kind of plug. The effect is still the same. 
  • The problem is sometimes the sensor is sending false signal and the hood is popping up even the detected danger is still far or not even present!

  • To install, unplug the original socket and plug our kit in BOTH sides of the motor.
  • Package includes 2pcs disabler module kit. 
  • Installation Guide - Easy