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Mazda iStop Disabler Kit

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  • Prolongs your battery and alternator's life
  • Added convenience, no more manual turn off
  • Plug and play installation (OBD2 Port) - Old Mazda
  • Plug and play installation behind the iStop button (Mazda 3 20-24, CX30, CX50)
  • Unplugging the device will reactivate the i-Stop feature 

Added features for OBD Model

  • Auto-hazard when you open the door for 30 seconds (Safety Feature)


  • LHD = Steering wheel on the left side of the car (USA, Canada, etc)
  • RHD = Steering wheel on the right side of the car (UK, Australia, etc)
  • Buy the OBD2 Splitter if your OBD port has already been used - For (Mazda 3 14-19 / CX5 / Mazda 6 / CX8 / CX9 / Mazda 2 / CX3)


  • Added RHD variant for Mazda 3 20-24, CX30, CX60 and CX90

  • Installation Guide for Mazda 3 BP/CX30/CX50:
1. Remove the driver's side ac vent by pulling it.
2. Unplug the harness behind the set of buttons of i-Stop
3 Plug the i-Stop disabler and plug the other side to the original socket.
4. Return back the trim