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Mazda 3 14-19 Hatchback Kai Concept LED Tail Lights

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  • Kai Concept inspired tail lights
  • Fit to Mazda 3 Hatchback 3rd Gen only
  • Full LED tail lights, Brake, Park light, Reverse and Sequential Turn Signal


  • Back on stock as of Sep 2023. 
  • Start up sequence has been removed due to its faulty problem.
  • Both inner lamp reverse are now color white
  • Improved parts inside


  • Smoked Red Actual Picture without Lights

  • Park light, Brake, Reverse and streaming turn signal
  • Plug and Play
  • OEM fit
  • For Hatchback only BM BN Body only
  • NOT Fit to All New Mazda 3 BP - 4th Gen Hatchback

  • Park Light
  • Brake Light
  • Reverse (1 side only)
  • Streaming Turn Signal
  • Full LED - All lights

Installation Guide:

  • Outer and inner lamp should be connected using the black wire included in the package.
  • Route the wire like this. Hide it behind and route it inside the headliner then to the rubber hose tube then to the other lamp.


  • This part needs to be removed to install the inner lamp. It has nut behind and clip.