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Mazda 3 14-19 Exhaust Tip Enabler Kit

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  • This kit is for Mazda 3 Hatchback and Sedan BM BN Body only.

For Hatchback

  • For low trim model has exhaust tip on the right side only.
  • This kit will enable the exhaust tip on the left side just like the high trim models with dual exit.
  • L-shaped elbow tube + Exhaust tip ready to weld.
  • Material is stainless steel same as the original. 


For Sedan:

  • Stock exhaust of Sedan is bent downward, this kit will make them visible.
  • You need to cut an slot below the rear bumper to show the exhaust tip
  • The kit is weld-free, just cut the excess pipe and clamp it using the hardware included in the kit.
  • Best paired with our Sedan Diffuser Kit.