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Mazda 3 20-24 CX30 MX30 Carbon Fiber Black Leather Steering Wheel

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  • Direct replacement
  • Steering button and airbag will be transferred
  • Will not void car's warranty
  • Available in different materials, Carbon Fiber, Full Leather, Glossy Black and Forged Carbon Fiber
  • Sides can be perforated leather or suede.
  • Contact us in FB or IG if you want to customized it or put the details in the Cart Section's Note area.
  •  Fit to Mazda 3 BP 20-24, CX30, MX30, CX50
  • Do not purchase "Optional" variants alone! Add a steering wheel so we can put the "optional" variant you chose to the steering wheel.
  • If your original steering wheel has heating function and you want to retain it in the New customized steering wheel then you need to purchase the Heating Module Add-on. If not added, your heating function will not be functional anymore. If you are not using it, you can disregard to save some money.

Shape: Bottom flat or Double flat (Default is Double flat)

Center line: Yes / No (If yes what color? Default is RED)

Thread stitch color: (Default its RED)


Double Flat with Center Red line / Red Stitches

Bottom Flat without Center Red line / Black Stitches




  • Piano Black - Double Flat
  • Alcantara Suede + Leather

  • Alcantara + Red Carbon Fiber


  • Yellow Center Line
  • Black Side Suede
  • Top and Bottom Forged Carbon Fiber
  • Bottom Flat
  • Black Stitches
  • 2020 Mazda 3 / CX30


  • Perforated Red Leather Sides
  • Top and Bottom Carbon Fiber
  • Bottom Flat
  • Red Stitches
  • With RPM LED Add-On
  • 2020 Mazda 3 / CX30
  • No Center Line
  • Perforated Black Leather Sides
  • Top and Bottom Plain Black Leather
  • Bottom Flat Shape
  • Black Stitches


  • Full Leather - Premium Design (Leather color can be changed)

Cutting guide for OEM Heating Steering Wheel

  • If you purchase a Heating function add-on. Please test the steering wheel before you install it in your car to confirm if it heats up.