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Mazda Skyctiv Shift Knob Replacement V2

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  • MX30 inspired Shifter Knob
  • Automatic Transmission Only

Note: Can be installed in RHD models but you need to use your pinky/ring finger to press the button instead of your thumb. Do not buy if you dont agree, it cannot be inverted.

Black Chrome

Stainless Silver

  • Compatible now to old stye shift knob. (Mazda 3 14-18, Mazda 2, Mazda 6 14-22, CX3, CX5 12-22, CX8, CX9)


  • If FLAT TOP (Mazda 3 BP, CX30, CX50), just direct replacement only. No need to replace the white stick.

  • If ROUND TOP, you need to pull out the white plastic and replace with black stick included in the package. Guide is here. Put first the lever to D and step on the brake or turn off the engine.
  • If the new stick is not working and not engaging in P position. Please use the original stick and follow this video guide. Make sure to do it in Neutral Position.