Mazda 3 2020 CX30 Carbon Fiber Air Intake

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NA car, with more air intake, fast row, and quick turn-up, is the correct horsepower improvement plan. Therefore, modifying the intake system is an effective way to increase horsepower.

The air intake components designed by KODOSTYLE for Mazda BP/CX30 (gasoline engine) models include.

  1. The mushroom head structure filter element of K&N is selected, and the air intake area is increased;
  2. The real carbon fiber air box shell can effectively insulate the heat and reduce the heat transfer of the engine room to the air intake system;
  3. CNC integrated pipeline, accurate data, more accurate air flow data capture;
  4. MAZDA3 BP model is specially designed, not universal;
  5. Provide optional closed air intake structure to ensure low torque and improve street performance at low speed;
  6. Provides the introduction of air-cooled air at the position of the fog lamp mouth, and the introduction of long-pipe air-conditioning can improve the dynamic performance of the full-speed range;

How to choose an air intake kit that suits you?

  1. Open hurricane bellows can get higher intake sound and better high-rotation performance;
  2. The closed hurricane bellows can ensure the low-torque dynamic response and at the same time obtain excellent high-rotation performance;
  3. The introduction of collided air and cold air can improve the dynamic performance of the full-speed range, and is suitable for the original car bellows and the modified hurricane air intake;


  • Applicable models: Mazda3 (BP) 2.0 model (not applicable to compression ignition X engine) and CX30 (DM)