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Mazda Skyactiv Complete Interior Ambient Lighting

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  • Take your interior to the next level!
  • Complete ambient lightning for Mazda 
  • Adjust mode, brightness and color via physical button.
  • Can be manually turn off if you do not want to use.

  • You can disconnect the other parts if you do not want to enable the light in that area.
  • Made from high quality LED
  • Auto off and auto on

Sample: Mazda 3 2018 in Flowing Multicolored


LED Location: (Total 18 Lamp)

  • 2 LED strip for Dashboard Lining (Long and Short)
  • 4 LED lamp for foot light (Rectangle Lamp)
  • 4 LED lamp for Interior Door Bowl (Smallest Round Lamp)
  • 4 LED lamp for Door Cup Storage (Round Lamp)
  • LED strip for Door Lining (Silver Door Trim Replacement for Mazda 3 BP, CX30,  Mazda 6 18-22 Model Only)

Extra Lamp:

  • 2 LED strip for Center Console (Mazda 3 BP, CX30 and Mazda 6 18-22 Model Only)

Standard Function:

  • 64 Solid Colors only (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, etc...)

Flowing Multicolored Function:

  • 64 Solid Colors
  • RGB Multicolored Running Flowing Effect
  • Flowing Start up animation
  • Different Running Mode Effect
  • With Music Mode (Built in Mic)

Standard Video Sample (64 colors)

Flowing Multicolored Video Sample (64 colors with RGB Running Effect)


APP is available for Android only. iOS version is still under development. The APP is only compatible to ambient kit without trim replacement. Mode, brightness and color can still be changed using the Physical button. Download the APP here.

Installation Overview:

  • There are total of 5 controllers, 1 main and 4 sub controller for each door.
  • The Main controller will be installed near the fuse box where it communicates with the other 4 sub controller in each door wirelessly.
  • Each sub controller will be installed in each door. It has a plug and wire harness that connects the LED for door bowl, door cup storage and door lining. If you don't want to enable all, you can just leave it unconnected.
  • To mount the LED for the door handle  bowl and door cup storage, you need to drill a hole.
  • The main controller has a plug for physical button, dashboard lining and foot light. Button is not included in a Flowing with Trim replacement variant.
  • You don't need to connect all sub controller to the main controller. This will lessen the installation effort.
  • Find the ACC line in the window switch to power on the sub controller while fine the ACC line in the fuse box for the main controller.
  • For Mazda 3 BP, the rear door has no ACC Power line, so you need run the power wire from the rear door going to the cigarette socket plug and tap the wire.

Click here for the guide  


  • Mazda 3 BP Standard with Silver Door Trim Replacement
  • This is the Silver door trim (4pcs) replacement for Mazda 3 BP and Mazda 6 18-22. This kit is more expensive if included. This setup will retain the OEM look of the car by embedding the LED in the trim itself.

  • Mazda 3 BP without trim replacement below. Door LED strip will just be inserted in the gap. Longer LED in the door area than with silver door trim replacement above.

Extra Lamp:

  • 2 extra LED strip for Center Console (Mazda 3 BP, CX30 and Mazda 6 18-22 Model Only available in with trim replacement variant only). 
  • Mazda 3 BP - Flowing Multicolored No Door Trim Replacement

  • Mazda 6 18-22 (With Trim Replacement)

  • CX5 18-22

  • MX5

  • Mazda 6 12-17 (Flowing Multicolored)

  • Mazda 3 14-19 BM BN

  • Lights Off ( Still Neat Looking and almost invisible)

  • Scan and download the APP here

WIRING GUIDE for Mazda 3 BP 20-23 / CX30 / CX50