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Mazda 3 Skyactiv Rear Trunk Door Button Kit

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  • Very convenient feature that you can activate.
  • Enable the missing button for the rear door.
  • The rear door will automatically pop out when you press the button.
  • Take note that seat memory buttons will not function if your car seats does not have it originally.


  • Fit to Mazda 3 BP Hatchback, Sedan and CX30
  • Mazda Genuine Parts
  • Plug and Play
  • Compatible to both LHD and RHD model

     Rear Trunk Button with Auto Lift Damper


    • Even there are no buttons present in your Mazda, the lines are already pre-installed from the factory. See below

    What will happen if you press the rear trunk button?

    For sedan, it will release the latch and lift the trunk 

    For Hatchback and CX30, since the door is heavy it will just release the latch. This button is best paired with Power Liftgate which is also available from us.

    • Mazda Skyactiv Old Style Buttons (LHD Only)
    • Other buttons will not function since it requires other parts to be installed. It will just become a dummy button that you can use as trigger button/switch for other accessories. 
    • The orange line will be connected the the positive wire of the rear trunk button. and Black wire to the ground. The rest are unnecessary. Contact us for more info.