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Mazda Bi-Xenon Headlight Assembly with DRL

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  • Recommended upgrade for Mazda 3 low model 
  • Drastically improved your car's lightning output
  • Headlight assembly with DRL and wiring harness


  • High Powered LED Bulb included
  • Super bright at night without glaring the incoming cars
  • Sharp cutoff
  • Also available for Mazda 6 12-15


Stock vs New Headlight (Mazda 6)

  • Mazda 3 14-16 BM

  • 2014-2016 BM


  • 2017 -2019 BN


Installation Guide:

Some countries the installation is directly plug and play. If not, we need to bypass the plug and rewire. Get a 18 gauge Red and Black Wire and connect them.

Connect the + and - Low beam of aftermarket line to OEM + and - Low Beam Original Line. Apply the same set up to High Beam Line.

If you have different set of colors for OEM Wire, you need a multimeter or pen light to verify the + and - line.

***Positive + to Positive + and Negative - to Negative Line -***

Low Beam

  • OEM Line (Green +, Black -)
  • Aftermarket Line (Light Blue +, Black -)

High Beam

  • OEM Line (Blue +, Yellow -)
  • Aftermarket Line (White+, Black -)

Park Light

  • This is optional, if you want to enable this, the Halo Ring DRL LED will dim from 100% to 50% brightness. Aftermarket + line is color Red

DRL LED Halo Ring

  • Connect the separate DRL Harness, 
  • White to White (both headlights)
  • Red to + Battery
  • Black to - Battery/Ground
  • Gray to ACC (Open the fuse box, try 7.5A Audio or 15A Cluster Meter) whichever one works. The halo ring should turn off when the engine shuts down. Wait for 2-4 seconds before it completely turns off.


  • Dont forget to connect the Ballast. It should be easy because its plug and play.
  • Before mounting and screwing back the headlight, get a silicon and sealed the small round black rubber where the bulb 4 lines goes through inside the headlight. This is to avoid possible leak and condensation.