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Mazda Advance Keyless Entry Kit

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Mazda Advance Keyless Entry Kit 
-2 pcs Genuine door handle with original paint
-2 pcs key antenna
-1 pc control module box
-1 set wiring harness
-1 pc buzzer
2023 Update: Only available door handle now has no color like below. You need to paint it yourself. This product will be phased out soon.
Do not purchase if you dont agree!

-Auto door lock/unlock without pressing the key fob
-Keyless lock beep sound (The Buzzer will sound confirming that all doors are lock/unlock)
-Walk-away lock (All Doors will automatically lock if the key is not detected within the antenna's 1 meter range)
All Mazda parts are original and with 1 year warranty. 

Note: If you are installing it on your own. Please add the Programming Tool in your cart. We will send the video installation and can guide you while installing this kit.

Please contact us once you received the kit so we can send you the Installation Video Guide

Keyless Module (Located inside the interior fuse box)

Comparison of door handle with and without button (Original paint - Sonic Silver below)

New handle with plug to be connected inside the door panel going to the Keyless module box.

Please check your door handle model if A or B, their hook shapes are different. It can easily remove.
1. Open the door
2. Remove the black circle rubber cover
3. Use a Hex screwdriver, careful not to drop the screw inside the door
4. Pull the small part of the handle which sits the key lock.
5. Then pull the big handle and slide it to the left or right to disengage the hook lock.
  • SSU Plug wiring guide (Below the steering wheel)

White - 3rd slot starting from the right
Gray - 4th slot starting from the right


  1. - Start first in the driver door, replace the existing door handle, plug the wire, arrange it neatly and route it going to the cabin fuse box area.
  2. - Go to the front passenger and replace the door handle, route the wire going to the cabin fuse box area as well.
  3. - Locate the existing black antenna behind the armrest bin back cover. Unplug it and connect to our long wire harness. (Disconnecting this wont be able to start the engine normally, you need to push the engine start button using the key to force start it.)
  4. - Install the White antenna in the 2nd row back seat.
  5. - Install the White antenna in the rear bumper metal crash guard.
  6. - Route the buzzer wire and the buzzer speaker in the front windshield. Remove the plastic cover to see the mounting area.
  7. - Connect the 2 wires in the SSU plug below the steering wheel. See above.
  8. - Install the black box module controller in the fuse area. Insert the fuse wire in a vacant slot and put 15A fuse. Make sure this fuse has power all the time even the engine is off. Put the Ground wire in the nearest bolt screw.
  9. - If all parts are installed and connected then the last step is the keyless activation via Forscan app. Download and register free trial. Contact us for the SSU new hex value if you do not know how to generate.



  • Forscan app is registered with free trial in a windows laptop.
  • ELS27/ELM programming cable driver is installed
  • Step on the brake, the key logo should be color red instead of green in the instrument cluster.
  • The car cant be started normally using your finger. It is normal.
  • The newly installed fuse has 12V power even the engine is off. Please check as this part is the most overlooked step! Get a multimeter or pen light and check if there is a power. No power wont power up the keyless system.