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Mazda i-ELOOP Capacitor Replacement

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  • Brand New
  • Genuine Parts from Mazda Factory
  • Available for Mazda 3, Mazda 6 and CX5
  • MX5 capacitor is more expensive.

  • Replace it if your Mazda i-Eloop has already experiencing a problem. It will show an error logo in your cluster and an error message "i-ELOOP Inspection Required" for other models.
  • If your battery, charging system and alternator are still good and you still getting the i-Eloop problem then the last culprit is the capacitor. It needs to be replaced.


Installation Guide (Please wear safety glove to avoid possible electric shock)

  • Disconnect the battery
  • Remove the old capacitor 
  • Install the new capacitor (check if all wires are properly connected)
  • Reconnect the battery
  • Start the engine for 5 minutes (Charge the capacitor)
  • If there are fault code appear in the cluster, clear it using Forscan
  • Disconnect the battery for 10 minutes
  • Reconnect the battery
  • Put the car in ACC mode
  • Reset iStop (Contact us how)
  • Restart the car
  • Test drive and confirm the function of iStop and i-ELOOP