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Mazda Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM) activation with Driver's Selection

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  • Note: You need a ELS27 cable so enable this feature. We will assist you remotely if you cannot visit our shop.

    - ELS27 cable
    -Windows laptop

    Intelligent Drive Master (i-DM) is a system designed to help you improve your technique and driver more “intelligently.”

  • As the driver controls the car using the accelerator, brake and steering wheel, the bodies of the occupants will move and sway in response to the vehicle’s movements. Using an onboard computer, i-DM employs a spring-mass model to calculate these body movements based on vehicle speed and steering angle inputs. These computed body movements are used to evaluate the driver’s driving style.
  • For each of braking, steering and accelerating the white bar means "rough driving", the blue bar means "smooth driving". Try to fill up the blue part for the most points.

  • Driver's Selection displays your name when the infotainment boots up.


Take note that some models in other countries has no iDM LED in the cluster. It has no guarantee that LED will display

Blue light (“Intelligent driving”)
The blue light indicates that you are driving “intelligently.” While exhilarating, the ride is comfortable, smooth and dynamic, without excess motion or wasted energy. Staying in this zone means comfortable passengers and efficient fuel use.

Green light (Mild driving)
The green light indicates mild and careful driving that will not cause discomfort for occupants. This kind of driving is also very fuel efficient.  

White light (Body-sway driving)

The white lamp indicates driving that will cause you and your passengers to experience excessive and uncomfortable body sway. This kind of driving also reduces fuel economy performance.