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Mazda Skyactiv Paddle Shifter Activation Kit

Sale price ₱5,500.00 Regular price ₱8,000.00

  • Genuine Mazda parts
  • Plug and play
  • Do not purchase if your steering wheel has heater functionality Back cover has different shape and we do not carry that model.

Package inclusion:

  • 1 pc steering plastic back cover
  • 1 set Left and Right paddle shifter
  • 4 pcs aluminum screw
  • 1pc wiring harness (Additional wiring harness if CX5)


CX5 1st gen -  Sample installation without Paddle shifter


Steering wheel back cover comparison with and without paddle shifter


Wiring harness is included (Black wire)

Paddle shifter installed with an extension


Working and functional paddle shifter for CX5 installed.


How to install

  • Remove the steering wheel airbag.
  • Unplug the white connector inside.
  • Disengage the lock of the white plug so you can fully insert the 3 pins.
  • Follow the pin pattern below.
  • Check if the 3 pins are successfully inserted by checking the end of the hole. Check if the metal pin is visible like the other slots.
  • Lock the white plug and return the airbag
  • Test drive and test the paddle shifter
  • Contact us in FB or IG if you have any questions.


Pin Pattern

Blue - Black - Green (Left to Right)

Note: If you received different set of color. Please contact us.