Mazda Skyactiv Wireless Carplay Device

Sale price ₱6,500.00 Regular price ₱8,500.00

  • Wireless CarPlay in your car without USB connection
  • Enter your car and automatically connect to the device
  • Hold your phone anywhere you like
  • No messy cable lying around the cabin


  • No need to replace the original LCD screen
  • Ultra Fast connection via 5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Slim and neat looking device
  • Not compatible for Android Auto
  • Latest internal chips inside marked as 2021 model!
  • Online support for Firmware update are continuous for known bugs and error.


USB Port (1) / USB Type C Port (2) / Power LED Indicator (3)

With 20CM cable included (Connection from Car's USB Port to the Device)


  • Easy to install just plug the device in the USB port and connect your mobile phone to the Device's Bluetooth first and next connection will be via 5G Wi-FI.



  • Designed and programmed for CarPlay supported devices only.