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Wireless Carplay Android Auto Device Module

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  • Compatible to all cars with pre installed CarPlay and Android Auto from the factory
  • Enter your car and automatically load CarPlay/ Android Auto to the car's screen.
  • Hold your phone anywhere you like. 
  • No messy cable lying around the cabin. 
  • Best combo with our wireless charging tray
  • No need to replace the original LCD screen
  • Ultra Fast connection via 5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Slim and neat looking device
  • Now available with Wireless Android Auto!
  • Latest internal chips inside marked as 2022 model!
  • Online support for Firmware update are continuous for known bugs and error.

Note: CARPLAY should be installed in your car or else this receiver device wont work. 


  • Easy to install just plug the device in the USB port and connect your mobile phone to the Device's Bluetooth first and next connection will be via 5G Wi-FI. 
  • Designed and programmed for CarPlay supported devices only.
  • 2022 model supports Wireless Android Auto now!

Note: Please update ASAP once you successfully paired the device in your car. Visit in your phone's browser and click UPDATE. Once finished, click update again until you received the latest firmware of the device. Internet connection is needed.