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Mazda Skyactiv Steering Wheel Upgrade Set

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Old Mazda models can upgrade their steering wheel to the latest designs. All parts are brand new and ready to install. Steering buttons are already modified to make them functional.

  • Mazda 3 3rd gen BM 14-16 can upgrade to 17-19 and 2020 steering wheel. Same with Mazda 2,6,CX3 and CX5 as long as the original steering is OLD design
  • Mazda 3 3rd gen BN 17-19 can upgrade to 2020 steering wheel. Same with Mazda 2,6,CX3 and CX5 as long as the steering is NEW design

Please take note some issues below:

17-19 Upgrade (INFO button reset function will be gone, INFO button will act as an UP button instead). Only way to reset the INFO data is by disconnecting the battery.

2020 Upgrade (INFO button reset function will be gone together with UP/Down button) so before upgrading choose which INFO display you want to retain in the cluster, for example (Remaining Fuel Data)

 Step 1: Choose your desired Steering Wheel and Airbag design.

Please take note that we only sell SINGLE Stage airbag (Yellow Plug) other countries like USA, uses DOUBLE stage airbag (Yellow + Orange Plug). If you use a single stage airbag in your double stage airbag, the Orange plug will be left unplug thus showing an airbag icon in the Instrumental Cluster. If you are ok with it then its up to you or put a resistor in the orange plug to bypass this issue. (This is to trick the system that the orange connector is plugged)

    2017-2019 Leather with Standard Airbag
    2017-2019 Leather with Premium Airbag (With Round Chrome same with Mazda 6 and CX9)

    2020 Leather with Standard Airbag
    Step 2: Choose your steering buttons. If you have no cruise control, just select the standard.
    17-19 Standard Cruise Control
    Step 3: Choose the back cover of your steering wheel. If your car is BM 14-16, your paddle shifter is transferable to 17-19 steering and cannot in 2020. You need to select the cover with new paddle shifter or if you are not using it you can just select plain back cover to reduce the total cost.
    Back Cover Only 2020
    Back Cover with New Paddle Shifter 2020
    Back Cover with Paddle Shifter Slot 17-19
    Sample Installation
    Mazda 3 2018 BN upgraded to 2020 
    Mazda 3 2010 BL upgrade to 17-19 
    Package Included (Brand new):
    • OEM Leather steering wheel assembly
    • Functional Airbag assembly with cover (Single Stage, Yellow Plug)
    • Back cover with or without paddle shifter
    • Modified and Functional Steering buttons
    • Lower V-shaped trim


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