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OEM Fit Dashcam Premium Front Recording Camera for Mazda Skyactiv

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  • Ultra HD Image and 4K Video Resolution
  • Front camera only
  • Up to 15 Megapixel 
  • 170 degrees viewing ultra wide angle
  • F1.6 Aperture Lens
  • Night Vision Enhancement
  • iOS and Android APP Supported
  • Galaxycore 4653 sensor

App Name: FitcamX or Viidure

Password: 12345678


  • Standard Model is for car model without big sensor cover behind the rear view mirror.
  • Mazda 3 20-23 is not compatible to updated 2024 Model! Do not purchase!
  • Day Driving Sample: 4K Resolution in 5MP (Max is 15MP): Raw Video Here


  • Micro-SD/XC Card up to 256GB supported memory (Not included in the package)
  • H.265 latest video encoding
  • Novatek 96670 DUAL-Core processor (640MHz)
  • Auto Off and Auto On
  • Built in Mic
  • Wifi connection
  • G-Sensor support
  • Videos can be played and download in APP
  • Neat looking and good design front camera
  • Front Camera only

Note: Optional Sunroof plug if you want to get power from Sunroof instead of OBD2.


Standard Design for models without Sensor/Black Plastic Cover at the back of rear view mirror.


Can still fit to models with Sensor in the windshield

  • CX5/CX8/CX9 with Sensor Cover
  • CX5 2018 using Standard Model (No Sensor Cover)


    OEM Housing Design for Mazda 3 20-23 and CX30

    (Sensor casing replacement with attached Front Camera)

    Installed in CX30 (Clean and Non-Distracting Position)

    Wiring connection is via OBD2 beside the engine hood opener.

    Route the wire from the dome light to head liner to A-Pillar (Driver Side), hide it behind door rubber seal and plug to the OBD2 port bel

    • Mazda 3 20-23 Sample vs Stock Cover

    Installation Guide

    • Remove the sensor cover. Pull it sidewards. It will break into half.
    • Remove the dome lamp and unscrew the 2 screws
    • Insert the wire of dashcam from windshield going to the dome light area
    • Plug the long harness and connect to the OBD2 port.
    • Hide the wires in the headliner, A-Pillar and door rubber seal.
    • Download the APP, connect first to the dashcam wifi and then open the app.
      • Sample for Mazda 6 18-23 

      • MX5 using Standard Model
      • Mounting position for MX5 below the sensor
      • Mazda 2 / CX3 using Standard Model
      • H-265 Faster Video Encoding
      • Novatek 96670 dual core processor chip

       Our Dashcam now is clearer than previous model, with 4K Video Resolution