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RES Valvetronic Performance Exhaust System

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  • RES (Racing Exhaust System) brand
  • High Performance Valvetronic Exhaust System 
  • Valvetronic System can turn off and on the exhaust valve to enable and disable loud sound output using a key or hand sensor (Wave System). 
  • Pipes and mufflers are made from stainless steel material by default. They can be upgraded to Full Titanium which has less weight, turn to color blue when heated and produce crispier sounds. Contact us for the final price.
  • Default exhaust tip is stainless silver. Can be upgraded to Stainless Black or dry forged carbon fiber. All tips have RES logo.
  • Download the APP here and connect your RES exhaust system!
  • What Is a Valvetronic Exhaust?  A Valvetronic exhaust has a butterfly valve that opens up by an electronically controlled actuator. The valve is placed before the muffler, allowing the exhaust gasses to bypass the muffler completely.

  • By doing this, users found that they could drive around comfortably, but when it came time to push the pedal down, they can open the valve to let the exhaust be heard and eliminate any restriction that holds them back from making peak power.

  • Civic 22 11th Gen - Can choose between Dual or Triple Tip
  • When opening the valve on your Valvetronic exhaust, you are bypassing the muffler and allowing the exhaust to flow freely. In turn, this will improve the performance and efficiency of your machine as there is no restriction causing back pressure in the system.
  • Kit includes the valve remote, OBD APP bluetooth and hand gesture sensor
  • Stock vs RES Pipe
  • Start Up Sound - Civic 22 FE 1.5T (Valve Open)

  • Tunnel Fly by

  • Mazda 3 BN Can choose between Single or Dual Tip

  • Mazda 3 BN 2.0 - Valve Close and Open

  • Mazda 3 BP 2.0 NA 4th Gen Valve Close and Open

  • Type-R FL5 - Triple Tip