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Mazda Skyactiv Side Mirror Auto Fold Module Kit

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  • Works only if you have an existing electric folding side mirror (You able to fold/unfold it using the small knob inside the car). Do not purchase if your car has no folding motor inside the side mirror.
  • Not compatible with CX50, MX30, CX30 and Mazda 3 2020 BP


  • Lock the car using the key, side mirror will automatically fold
  • Unlock the car using the key, side mirror will automatically unfold
  • Plug and Play only


  • Side mirror has a folding motor.
  • Driver window buttons has dedicated Lock/Unlock Button
  • Total of 6 buttons + 1 Knob switch at the top
  • Contact us if still unsure so we can confirm.

Model A - ("Auto" label with Lock and Unlock Button)

Usually seen in Old models: Mazda 2, 3, CX3, CX5, Mazda 6

  •  Not compatible in the button layout below! Do not buy!

Model B - No "Auto" Label (All window buttons are Power Lifter)

Usually seen in latest models: CX5 2nd Gen, Mazda 6 18-22, CX8 and CX9

  • Module Controller with Plug and Play harness
  • Plug wiring guide:

  • After installation samples:

Mazda 3 2018