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Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Mazda Skyactiv

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  • Will use Mazda ABS sensor.
  • Plug and Play to OBD2 port.
  • Sensitivity level: -20%, -25% and -30% will trigger the alarm.
  • Will not void car's warranty.
  • Compatible to all Mazda Skyactiv models except Mazda 3 4th Gen BP, CX30, MX30 and CX50. 
  • Additional safety features for your car.
  • Can be combined with Mazda Stock TPMS system, much better than stock because it shows which tire has a problem.
  • OEM type is for LHD only. If your car is RHD or have dial knob for headlight leveler, choose the sticker type.


Yellow LED (Learning Mode) -  Once everything are installed, you need to run the car for about 1-2 KM so that the TPMS module can read the car's current tire pressure. The LED will turn from yellow to green once the reading is complete.

To set the sensitivity level, just double press the 'right button' and select your desired sensitivity level

1 tire selected = -20%

2 tires selected = -25%

3 tires selected = -30%

Note: If you changed the tire pressure, just press the left button for 5 seconds to enter  "Learning Mode" so that the module can read and save again the new tire pressure.

Note: Holding the right button 5 secs changes the colour between green and blue. Pressing the left button twice adjusts the brightness in 3 stages

Note: If your car is equipped with Headlight level adjuster, choose the Sticker Mount model. 


Windshield installation 


Can also install in this area or anywhere you like since it has 3M sticker at the back.

Sample Alarm:

It will sound an alarm and displays which tire is currently in low air pressure based on the sensitivity you set.